About this blog

Spanking Photography features original images from erotic photographer Jason Oak on the subject of spanking. All models are over the age of 18, and all scenes are depictions of consensual adult fantasy.  Jason Oak, who has a studio in London and a second one on the South coast, works to commission and can be contacted via this blog. All images are copyright (c) 2006-2008.

Model for me

I am always looking for fresh models to appear in these photos. I rarely pay for shoots – but if you would be interested in some images for your portfolio, and a fun day modelling in an atmospheric central London studio for a professional fetish photographer, then feel free to email jay.oak [  at  ] gmail.com (if you don’t want to show your face that is also fine). I always pay travel expenses.

15 Responses to “About this blog”

  1. I really like your photos, they are very erotic. As a woman, i find them very stimulating, keep up the good work Romy x

  2. GentlemanH Says:

    Really nice photos with some of the most attractive buttocks proffered. Keep up the good work.

  3. Eleanor McWilliam Says:

    Hi Jason. Thank you so much for your beautiful website. Your photographs are enchanting, and it is a real pleasure to find a site that treats the subject in such a gentle and respectful way. And I simply love your little commentaries, which are stern yet sexy at the same time.

  4. Great work! I am now your newest fan.

  5. paoloindublin Says:

    You have ‘tickled my fantasies’ with your wonderful blog Jason, thank you.
    Best wishes,

  6. Clean and young beautiful bottoms well striped with marks of cane. Good work. Excellent. keep it up please. But for variety sake can we have a little bit of harsh caning too. An d very pretty girls with painful expresions.

  7. Hey Jason!

    I love your work. Excellent perspectives and photos. I just recommended the readers of my blog to stop by and see your site.

    I check in regularly and will continue to do so!


  8. jasonoak Says:

    Thanks for the many kind comments and for the support on your own blogs! Always nice to hear people enjoy the photos. Jason.

  9. Jason Oak, the photographer of these beautiful spanking photos, has captured for me the beauty involved in the art of chastising naughty women.

  10. Brian Macleod Says:


    Just a note to express my admiration of your blog and the brilliant photos of all those naughty girls. Your pics always have that special “something” about them which sets them aside from the millions of others on the web.

    I thoroughly enjoy the memories your photos evoke.

    Brian Macleod

  11. I love all your pics but esp your pyjama spanking pics. would love to see more of the girls with jamas up if that is possible. many thanks for a great blog.

    regards Paul

  12. Jason,

    Just a note to remind you that your many loyal fans are patiently waiting for you to post another of your brilliant photos. There must be a naughty young bottom somewhere in or out of panties deserving not only of a sound spanking but also of your expert lens work. Meanwhile, revisits to your past posts are always rewarding.

  13. ian warrick Says:

    Are your photos for sell

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