As the minutes pass…


4 Responses to “As the minutes pass…”

  1. It seems that little Miss Pigtails has brought home a poor report. Her expression suggests that she knows that her pants are going to be taken down very soon. The only question: will it be a normal tail reddening smackbottom or will it be the cane? I’m hoping that it might be both, that is one then the other.

  2. Belmont Stephen Says:

    She sure looks like she knows what’s coming.

  3. UncleGavin Says:

    Perhaps she is now having to contemplate a very early bedtime with a very sore bottom …..

  4. Belmont Stephen Says:

    This delightful photo has been up for a while. Let’s hope that she’s been giving a sound thrashing (on her bare bottom) each day since it was first posted.

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