Poor report


2 Responses to “Poor report”

  1. Brian Macleod Says:

    I suspect this young madam is now wishing that she had studied harder. But it’s too late now that her pants are down and her curvy little tail is bare and awaiting retribution. Let’s hope that her well-deserved smackbottom is long, slow and hard leaving that squirmy young bottom glowing with tears and protests ignored. Another great photograph, Jason – your skills are appreciated as always.

  2. What a delicious bottom, just made for the spanking she is about to receive; her cheeks will wobble delightfully with each well timed spank, getting redder and redder, and tears of pain and shame trickling down her cheeks.In that position, the hand spanking could be replaced by a paddle or hairbrush ( I have an old table tennis bat that makes a lovely “splatty” sound on a bare bottom ) and, if she has been really naughty, I have one of those chopping boards with a handle, that covers both cheeks at the same time and is, so I am toldm very painful. Possibly finish her punishment by getting her to bend over for six of the best with a swishy, crook handled cane. She would think again about misbehaving, and bad work.

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