Start of a long night


6 Responses to “Start of a long night”

  1. Another wonderful photo of a young lady across the knee for a bed-time smackbottom, pyjamas taken down to give access to her upper thighs if deemed necessary. Young madam’s delightful, slender bottom has only a mild blush at this stage so it can be assumed that this naughty girl will be squirming and wriggling for some time yet before being told to “pull up her pants and into bed”. A charming scene of traditional domestic punishment, no doubt well-deserved and long overdue.

  2. Delightful young bottom;the cupped hands

    • slightly,cupped hands ready to make a nice “fit” and as the spanking increases,and the bottom starts to change from white,to pink , to red and wriggles as if,vainly,to avoid the spanks. After the hand, perhaps the use of a table tennis bat, that makes a lovely “splatty” sound on a bare bottom, followed by a leather paddle. I have got a wide chopping board with a handle that covers both cheeks nicely. I am told it is very painful !! Finally she must bend over and touch her toes for at least 6 well laid on strokes of the cane.

  3. I wish I was that girl being spanked, and it was probably just before bed, that is the time I would expect to be spanked for whatever it was I had done.

    • Yes, pre bedtime spankings are the best and you would have been informed when you got in from school what punishment you would be receiving, which would give you plenty of time to reflect on your misconduct, and the fearful apprehension of what was going to happen.

  4. Stan Baker Says:

    Another fabulous picture of how a bedtime spanking should be carried out, thank-you so much

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