Early bedtime


7 Responses to “Early bedtime”

  1. What deliciously rounded cheeks; I would love to see them wobble as the hand struck,better still be the person administering the spanking,gradually turned that exquisite bottom a lovely shade of red

  2. Brian Macleod Says:

    Another superb photograph up to your usual very high standards – this naughty young lady’s delightful bare bottom has already been soundly smacked to a nice rosy glow although mainly on one cheek at this stage. This suggests that young madam’s before bed-time smackbottom is only in its early stages and one would suggest that it will be still some time involving much wriggling and squealing before she is allowed to pull up her pyjama pants over a very red little tail ready to jump under the covers where she will no doubt cry herself to sleep vowing to be a better behaved girl in the future.

  3. Stan Baker Says:

    Wonderful to see you back esp with such lovely pyjama spanking pics. looking forward to many many more. Excellent. Would love to see some of the girl with her pyjamas in place too if possible.

  4. Wonderful pictures! One can only hope that the bedtime is good and early, certainly no later than 8pm!

  5. Uncle Gavin Says:

    Let’s hope bedtime is well before 8pm!

  6. What a super – well-marked – bum!

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