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It was, in the end, simply inevitable. If you were late thrice you could expect to make that most awful trip; compliant across the knees of a man old enough to be your father! And there to be walloped. As if your seniority counted for nothing,  knickers mid-thigh, and your bottom flushing a deeper shade of red with each descent of his unforgiving palm. It was inevitable too that the tears would come. Deep, sorry, and ever more desperate: the sobs of a girl at last truly subdued.


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Irritating. That’s what it was. Those all-but-useless attempts¬† the girls inevitably made to interfere with their punishments. And insulting too: for their atonements were necessary; the sins had been committed; now it was his job to wipe their slates clean – with sound application of male palm upon bared female buttocks. But it was an irritation easily resolved. When their hands flew backwards, to try and stem the pain of a particularly cruel spank, he would simply take a grip of the wrist, firm, unbreakable, and hold her, pin it, pin her, and let his right hand continue its unfortunate work uninterrupted. And the flush spread ever deeper.