The skirt is raised

6 Responses to “The skirt is raised”

  1. A delightful photo of this young lady’s sweet round bottom, charmingly displayed in her school knickers. Now her punishment can begin – one assumes this will be a nice, long and hard smacking over those panties and, one suspects a few extra stingy smacks down her milky white thighs until they are glowing with the same colour as her now red bum. Then, we can only hope, Sir will take young madam’s knickers down to her knees to allow him to touch up any parts of her curvy young tail still in need of further smacking. No doubt there will be much wriggling and tears on display during this long overdue spanking but it is important that Sir ignores this and completes the task at hand.

  2. Another delightful image.
    Thank you.

  3. the knickers might be bottle green or navy blue school issue ones ,best wishes ,tim .

  4. I think we can safely say that these are indeed a pair of navy blue regulation school knickers fitting snugly over a pair of nicely rotund buttocks. The pleated school skirt is being raised so as to leave the knickered buttocks openly available to recive the smack of the masters hand. No doubt there will be many good hard smacks applied before the knickers are lowered to a position between the knees and the buttock crease in order that the spanking can continue on her bare buttocks. The impudent young lady no doubt richly deserves her punishment and once a good hard bare bottom spanking has been administered we hope that her master will produce his much feared Lochgelly tawse and give her now redenned bottom the hardest leathering it has ever received.

  5. Lovely tight kbickers

  6. Steve Joe Says:

    A moment to be savoured……seeing that magnificent sight and the anticipation of knowing what is to follow. I love this pic.

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