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Birched before bed

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Naked for the birch

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The smacking of Sally

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Spanked in trousers

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The governess: caned and then spanked

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But she had tried, and she had tried so hard, to please him, and even still she had ended up like this again – thoroughly whipped at the hand of his wicked cane and now across his knee, her bottom bare, awaiting the unforgiving strike of his angry hand.

Of course there is always an excuse; the master of the house must always have an excuse. This time he claims that the daughters he has bestowed to the governess’s care are becoming ever harder to control. And any lapse in their behaviour is naturally the fault of the governess.

Poor Sally though, who has worked far beyond the call of duty through the years to bring his two wayward daughters up, has her own theories on these punishments. For one, they always seem to happen when the lady of the house is away – at her fortnightly bridge meetings, or her book group. And for two, the master makes no attempt to hide the stiff swell that inevitably comes when she lowers herself across his expectant knees.

And when the lady goes away for a weekend, as she has this time, taking the girls with her, then Sally knows it won’t just be a smacked bottom: it will be the cane-whipping, then the spanking and then… that.

Because when the lady is away the swelling in the master’s trousers becomes more insistent than ever, pushing up into her belly with an urgency that is renewed each time his hand strikes her already striped bottom, and – he says – it is her job, as the one who causes the swelling, to relieve it too.

Poor, poor Sally.