The bare bottom: over the lap

4 Responses to “The bare bottom: over the lap”

  1. This pic has a wonderful soft innocence. The obedient young girl, over his lap for the unpteenth time, waiting submissively during their “discussion”. She thinks that only her bottom is on view, legs close together, but she is shyly showing him more than she may know.

  2. Spanking depends on the bottom for its drawing power, its mystique, its hold on our imaginations. Nothing is more ludicrous than the argument that “spanking” is simply a euphemism for “hitting.” The ‘invention’ of over-the-knee, bare bottom spanking was a stroke of genius.

  3. The bare bottom most definitely belongs over the lap for a good old fashioned spanking.

  4. What a beautiful bottom. Almost a pity to desecrate it with a good thrashing, but duty calls … How many strokes did she get, I wonder. I would find it hard to stop at less than 18

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