‘And now I must take down your knickers…’

She lies and awaits the tutor’s final act of preparation.

It is the one that the girls like least; the removal of that last vestige of decency. Some girls struggle – fighting to keep his greedy eyes, and unforgiving hand, from the bare flesh beneath. But she knows better. She has fought before, and it has only got her into deeper trouble.

She breathes in, closes her eyes and grips the tabletop.

9 Responses to “‘And now I must take down your knickers…’”

  1. I position I can relate to and which makes she shiver just to read ….

  2. A thing I was always used to and immediately as I arrived home from school. I was told not to change out of my skirt as it would be more convenient dealing with me. An Aunt was the one to watch and she would spank me for the slightest thing. I was made to stand in front of her as she sat. Her hands would slide up my skirt and pull down my knickers without lifting it. I was then ordered to lift it waist high and as I did so she pulled back her own dress and laid me across her stockings. Afterwards, my bottom, legs and upper thighs were sore

  3. Some of the most beautiful words spoken in the English language, is when a man says to a naughty lady, ” “I’m going to take your knickers down my dear, and give you ‘six of the best. Six of the very best with the cane, on your bare bottom. Fearfull words to her, but music to my years.

  4. I’ve only found these pics today, but as Veronica says, the moment makes you shiver. like to be spanked or slippered on my knickers and then when I’m already getting into it, there’s no apprehension at all to have my knickers pulled down.

  5. michelle Says:

    When I am bent over with my skirt raised way above my waist it is always with apprehension tempered with a strange thrill of excitment as I await my fate. I know that my panties will be removed and that I will feel the strap or the cane before my cunt is used for my master’s pleasure.

  6. michelle has made me hard again!

  7. Great I am spanked each day good to know others are too.

  8. Yes. Taking the knickers down is a vital (and pleasurable) part of the disciplinarian’s job. Perhaps, like Michelle, the girl will be shagged afterwards. After all if the knickers are down it would be a waste not to …

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