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Red shoes

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Hands on head

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‘Remove your skirt…’

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While the mistress of the house is away (some dreadful society event that he had made it most clear he would not be attending) her husband calls for the youngest of the house’s maids.

He can think of no excuse this time – no reason to whip her – not like last time, or the time before.

But that is immaterial. He has his needs. Needs that his wife has denied him for years.

He settles back in his armchair and lights his pipe.

“You know why you are here, young lady,” he says, his voice soft, low, deceptively gentle. “Before we go any further I will ask you to remove your skirt…”

Pyjama bottoms lowered

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The bare bottom: over the lap

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A double caning

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Never before in his time at Saint Mede’s has The Dean had to cane both his Head and Deputy Head Girl at the same time. But the riot – for that was what it had been – in the sixth form common room was attended by both girls; a scandal that requires the very harshest of measures. The Dean takes the senior cane in his hand and begins one of the longer of his feared lectures.