Bare bottom birching

A firm hand on her shoulder as the birch taps her waiting buttocks, and the age-old machinations of discipline swing again into progress.

13 Responses to “Bare bottom birching”

  1. My bottom stings so bad when my hoh punishes me, it’s like fire.

  2. This image has everything: beautiful bottom, lips, and breast, a girl in postition fearful but trusting, and a supportive yet controlling male hand on her bare shoulder.

    • Agree 100 percent – and not only all the things you mention but cane marks (my favorite) as well!! Her breast is superb and her expression is perfect.

  3. What a curious mix of thoughts and emotions must run through a girl’s mind at a time like this. Your picture captures it all. The still-strong humiliation of having to undress completely in front of him while he watches; that strange mixture of embarrassment and growing heat as he runs his eyes over her nudity while he explains carefully why she is being punished. He doesn’t bother to explain why she must be totally nude for her birching, and she is afraid to ask.
    Hands at her side where they must be, she can hide nothing from him. She almost wishes he would put her in position now, so he couldn’t look at her any more. His casual “Come in,” when they hear a knock at the door sends her heart into her throat! But it’s only his secretary with papers for him, a good-looking woman who looks her over with a prim yet pitying look.
    She is on display, and somehow it feels right. Taken care of. Warm. “All right, let’s get you over the desk, now.” she hears, and then his hands all over her placing, positioning, opening, spreading her. She drifts deeper into his warm hands, her bare cheeks plumped for the birch, her body ready for anything he chooses.

  4. Napoleon Solo Says:

    A remarkable photo

  5. In my experience birching a naughty women is pure joy. First she must stand in the corner for humiliation. Then I bend her over a table, whereupon I raise her dress waist high. Afterwards I proceed to lower her knickers to bare her bottom. Wearing only suspender-belt and stockings for erotic purposes her naked derriere is ready to be birched. And birched she is. 25 of the painfull strokes land solidly on that unprotected rear end. Yes painful outcries come from her lips, but thats just music to my ears.

  6. Nice photo. Stimulates memories of a boy-friend who birched me. Stung like shit all over my bottom, left marks and little cuts, but led to a fantastic orgasm when he fucked me afterwards.


  7. Susan Watson Says:

    And it left marks for days afterwards!!

  8. apparently,’birching’ can be even more painful than the severest caning-no wonder it was used on isle of man for so long!,birches have to be kept flexible though by soaking them in salt water before their needed,i recommend the birch for girls who have got used to the cane-if the bircher does his/her job properly,even the toughest girl will soon be begging them to stop!

  9. neal reynolds Says:

    we were birched at public school and it was meant to be a lot more painful than the cane. however some boys doubted that! I think a girl’s bottom is far better proportioned to receive the birch than the cane. What we need to know is how the girls feel about it. How many have received the birch, when, where, for what, how many strokes etc. etc.

  10. Yes. Her breast is superb. Does the erect nipple suggest she is enjoying the birching? If so, give her a dozen more.

  11. ian warrick Says:

    Can this print be purchased

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